Things that keep me from A mid-Summer’s night dream

They wont allow me to BE my color, but they’ll let me act my age. How polite of the government to tell Us numbers dont lie, but the calendar is forever changing the number of days in a yr from Gregorian to Lunar to Miss me with that bullshit ! I know what happened to Sandra Bland, and maybe I am too smart for my own good, but I wont spill the beans unless someone offers to pay me for my ESP psychic abilities, because realness is highly frowned upon in the UnUnited States, where I live. And I want to make it to see my children live, so I’ll take my 21 years of slavery and try my best not to start a Silver war. I say silver instead of civil, because I know we wont get as far as the first race war, the younger generation is still too blind to the facts, and I guess I am their enabler. I allow them to act their age, when in reality it bothers me that they refuse to act their color. I don’t think they realize how we have been robbed of our culture

Dear Ms. Bland

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but it sure makes things seem even. And I know life ain’t fair, and we can’t keep believing in fairy tales and wishing wells, but I wish you well. So stop crying about your past mistakes or your present will slip into your past and your future will not last nor have any significant meaning.”

I titled this article Dear Ms. Bland, because I find it ironic how people are so nonchalant about a possible murder while in police custody. The funny part about it is I really want this conspiracy to give way to the dangers of social media, but without social media, specifically Instagram,(then the night time news days later) her death would have been swept under the rug.

I know, the last thing this country needs right now is another race war, but there is a race versus races going on any way, and it should be televised, broadcasted, and aired as often and in many ways as possible because We are losing. It stinks to wake up and smell the coffee, but layer realize its not enough to share, which means there’s no coffee for you, just as it hurts to bear the truth and not be allowed to voice it.

As most Christians know, the saying goes “There’s power in the blood,” well to me that means there is beauty in the struggle. No matter how much blood is shed for our cause I see the beauty in the truth coming to light. For they’re are only three things that can never stay hidden (Bland) the Sun the Moon and the Truth.

what you show is what you get

Now a days social media is all about what you show… Most young women show alotta body and no brain and a lot of young men show money, hoping it will get them fame; we have all fallen for the games. No one really digs into their deeper self anymore. Whatever you can depict from a profile picture and stolen quote or status is the status quo for that individual, so choose wisely while internet dating and soul searching for a mate.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping with a broken heart ain’t easy. Iced over tears from years forming. But you warm my soul like coal. The hold you have on my mind has captivated my heart and untangled my detonator love spots. You know me better than my Doc.

You know you’ve awaken the Beast when the Beauty can no longer sleep. I yearn for you to take the ugly out of me. Purify my spirit and still appreciate the opportunity to love eternally, Queen

Becoming Conscious after a Coma of Disbelief

I woke up this morning full of peace. This should seem like a regular occurrence, but to me peace is only distributed in pieces which allows me to be naive every morning in claiming my share.

Fooled by the glitz and glamour of hatred,I have walked around worth my eyes closed long enough; I have rejected the smell of fresh roses in my lawn to enjoy the tobacco produced, and all along the Roses are what kept me strong.

They need no planting, and hardly any tending to. Watch them bloom and fill my yard year after year, never enjoying their beauty, only questioning why they are there. I came to conclusions this morning.

As long as we’re alive, we must strive to Be. Beautiful beyond measure and completely at peace. Every day there will be challenges to overcome, on either route we decide to take. Decide to take the road less traveled, the high road and never let them see a frown crack your crown or your face.

You are beautiful, no matter what they say and anger only brings a Queen down from her sitting place to entertain peasants, and people that enjoy fueling rage. Continue to cultivate peace and pace yourself, Queen